get sum times



future garage

TLILTIC Records turns 2 on June 17, 2022 and to celebrate, we have decided to compile the greatest hits that have been released on the label, together with some unreleased music.​

As a label, we have aspired to become the center for all kinds of chill electronic music. As a Mexican label, we are proud to be international and to have talented producers from countries like the United States, Palestine, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Finland, Colombia, Chile and more. There’s nothing like multiculturality to expand our minds.​

Be prepared for what could be described as a breath of fresh air. Inside this compilation you will find 4 never heard before songs. Starting with the deeply melodic feel-good UK Garage production by Aiokai by the name of ‘It’s All Gonna Be Alright’. Then abers goes the same way with the melancholic ‘Get Sum Times’. eliel plays with some breaks with an equally spellbinding ‘always (worth it)’. This release wouldn’t be complete without the VIP of our first release, Midnight Ezra’s ‘Reasons To Kill’.​

Also included in this compilation we have more nostalgic yet beautiful Future Garage tunes, like the heart-breaking ‘Soft Skin’ by Not By Me, the wistful ‘Saudade’ by eónika and the emblematic ‘Better Than You’ by Painted Skies, which goes into full speed at 140bpm and then turns into a Post-Dubstep/UK Garage hybrid.​

Sonido Berzerk comes in even faster with ‘Glauke’, a juke/footwork marvel, the same as Aiokai, who turns the same genre into something joyful and dark at the same time. To finish the fast beats we have The Kompany & Ciland with some top notch Drum & Bass.​

To slow things down, Stranger Souma remixes Marksman’s ‘Gizmo’, a progressive and melodic treat, then Godbolo comes in with ‘Elements’, an enchanting and mystifying melodic techno production. To chill down things even more, you can also find BLCK SFTWR’s Dub Techno anthem ‘Early Reflections’.

published | 17.06.22