[antro]pología w/ DEEPLINKIN (*Austin)







23:00-00:30 [gmt] | 15:00-16:30 [cdmx]
BLDS + Armada Sounds

DEEPLINKIN is a music project based in Mexico City and Texas. Founder of bldsmx and co-founder of Armada Sounds. She mixes a variety of sounds around UKbass, juke, grime, jungle & dark atmospheres. All within the 140-170BPM realm. She’s a member of the emergent local scene in mexico. Also one of the people responsible for the growth of the footwork and bass scene in the country next to the Juke Mx crew, Movelike Crew, her own label ‘Bldsmx’ and with other collaborators Vinil Motion and Aiokai. She has been producing large-scale and intimate events/showcases with different labels, projects, festivals etc in the music industry since 2013. Djing, stage manager and audio engineer since 2016. She’s a key member of crews and labels like Puro Ghetto, Movelike, Juke Mx & Bldsmx.




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